Run. Repurpose. Repeat.

Most people toss their running shoes in the trash after they ‘retire’ them. If you’re like me, you won’t toss old running shoes in the trash right away. But you’ll keep your retired running shoes awhile longer and wear them as house slippers until they become too ratty to do anything with except throw them in the trash.

The tossed out running shoes eventually wind up in some over-full landfill where they will stay for 90-100 years before they biodegrade (Kindrunner: Life Cycle of a Running Shoe).

Instead of tossing your next pair of shoes in the trash so they can just add to the waste in the landfill, why not reduce your carbon footprint and repurpose your old running shoes? After you’ve run all the miles you can get out of your running shoes, repurpose them and send your running shoes to Kindrunner. Kindrunner and it’s partners, Soles4Souls and the MORE Foundation Group, will than donate your shoes to those in need.

Run Repurpose Repeat.

I am a Kindrunner Ambassador. As a Kindrunner Ambassador, I have the opportunity to promote Kindrunner and their fantastic cause in bringing new life to old running shoes. In short, Kindrunner is a service where you send in your ‘retired shoes’ to be repurposed for a good cause. In return, you get $10 in Kindness Cash Rewards that you can use towards future purchases of new shoes and/or new running gear.

Some perks of shopping with Kindrunner:

Kindness Cash Rewards

I know I already mentioned the Kindness Cash Rewards a little bit. But as it is such a great deal, it deserves a second mention. For every pair of running shoes you purchase, Kindrunner will accept a pair of reasonably worn old shoes and issue you a credit equal to $10. The credit can be used towards future Kindrunner purchases. I must admit, I already have a wish list of things I want to get from Kindrunner with the credit I don’t yet have…but soon will!

Free 3 Way Shipping

I am all about free shipping, this is definitely my favorite perk of Kindrunner! Kindrunner offers free shipping when you order products, when you return products, AND when you send in your shoes to be repurposed. You can’t beat Kindrunner’s Free 3 Way Shipping policy!

Business integrity

I really try to do all my shopping at places that have integrity. Sometimes it’s tough in this world of ours. Apart from the mission of a company, I like to see that the values of the employees of ‘X corporation’ are similar to my own and that they enjoy what they do. At Kindrunner, the staff are all passionate, dedicated runners and have all worked in the industry for a number of years. And of course, they are working for an environmentally and socially aware company! If I ever had the chance to sit down for coffee with the Kindrunner employees, I’m sure we’d have a pretty awesome conversation!

Gait Analysis

I have always touted, on various running forums, how important it is to get your gait analyzed and to find the right shoe for you. Shoes are as personal as sports bras. What’s hot and trendy in running shoes at any given time may or may not be the right shoe for you. Wearing an ill-fitting shoe while running can make the experience horrendous. On the flip side, wearing the right shoe can make you feel as though you could run forever. Kindrunner’s in-depth gait analysis process for their customers is unlike anything that other online retailers do. Kindrunner strives to offer the same fit and expertise of a running store but within the comfort of your own home! You’ll never again have to worry about wearing mismatched socks to a shoe store (or is that just me?).

Expert Product Reviews

Every single product that Kindrunner carries comes with it’s own professional review. No more weighing the pros and cons or second guessing your purchase after you’ve already made it (well, I guess can always send it back if I don’t like it….). Kindrunner wants to send you the product that you want and also wants you to be happy with your purchase. The expert reviews are fantastic – especially as I’m usually so indecisive because all the online shopping is usually by pictures only. So the expert running shoes reviews are perfect for me!

Easy 365 returns

You are able to return your purchase within 365 days of purchase if the product is reasonably unworn, in the state you received the product, and in the original packaging. Kindrunner doesn’t make you jump through hoops to return/exchange a product!

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