New shoes, old pains?

Two weeks ago, I bought the Nike Pegasus 30 when I went to Fleet Feet to speak to the American Liver Foundation’s marathon program. As I told myself several times that day, I definitely wasn’t going to buy anything at the Chicago running gear store, a.k.a. Mecca.

New shoes old pains

I got to Fleet Feet a little early and started chatting with one of the employees, Tim. I told Tim how I pretty much killed my body in the Chicago Marathon but I BQ’d….so it was worth it. What shoe did I wear? Vibrams and nothing but for almost two years. I’m loyal to the brand. I also mentioned that I was getting frustrated because since the marathon, I couldn’t even run 2 miles without feeling a LOT of discomfort in my knee. Yay ITBS! But seriously, shouldn’t the recovery phase be over by now?! It had been a little more than a month since the marathon…

The only thing I ever wanted to do these days was run. And my sanity is intrinsically linked to running. So I was quickly heading for the red. Tim, I’m in trouble.

Tim mentioned trying a best cushioned running shoes. Eck. Not a good answer.
To be honest, I had been thinking about trying a cushioned shoe for a week or two before going to Fleet Feet. Running was painful…as was going down stairs or getting up after sitting for twenty minutes on the train. Although, the knee pain became much less noticeable in the latter two cases. Running was still iffy.

I was getting frustrated as I needed to get back into training ASAP. I had a marathon in January that I couldn’t back out of. Well, I guess I could but knowing me, I definitely wouldn’t. I didn’t want to break down and buy from a company other than Vibram. But I needed to start training again, Vibrams weren’t doing the trick, and I was getting desperate. I had to finish the conversation with Tim so I could do what I initially set out to do on coming to Fleet Feet and introduce the marathon program. Tim gave me a lot to think about.

After presenting the program, lo and behold, Tim was still available by the shoe rack and my colleagues happened to stop in the same vicinity to say hello to someone else. So, I broke down and tried a cushioned shoe. Tim had me try the Nike Pegasus and two other pairs of non-Vibram running shoes. I got on the treadmill to test out the Pegasus and…
Since purchasing the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, I’ve run four times. My longest run was this past Saturday – 4.72 miles. The run was easy but a little longer than I meant to go. My GPS cut out and rather than run less than my goal of 4 miles, I decided to just tack on a little distance. Not the smartest move but not the most unfortunate either.

I started feeling a little pressure on my shins towards the end of the run. You know where this is going, don’t you? Terrible shin splints were basically the reason I switched to Vibrams in the first place and now they’re back? Bullsh*t. I never actually felt anything more than pressure on my shins but that is one slippery slope that I don’t care to test.

I mentioned the run to my trainer who said that the shoe weight is probably a reason behind the different feeling. I’m not used to running in anything that weighs more than 4.8 oz and the Pegasus are about 9 oz. BIG CHANGE! Oh well, any change does take some adjustment. Plus, I did run a tad more than I should have.

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